Writers & Artists Get Publishing! - Indie Books and Illustrators in the Scottish Borders

Publishing your own book is an exciting project, and these days, it's easier than ever before.  However, the options are changing all the time, and with so many different routes to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to do.            

 Dorothy Bruce In the Wake of the Coup          Jennifer Doherty and Cara Lockhart Smith Bear in a Boat in the Borders        Peter Flannery First and Only

Images from the books of the writers featured in the case studies:  Dorothy Bruce; Jennifer Doherty; Peter Flannery

To help you get started in independent publishing, CABN has compiled some case studies on writers in the Scottish Borders who have taken that route.  The case studies, and contact details for Illustrators in the Scottish Borders, can be downloaded here:

    Writers and Artists Get Publishing      

(Please note that we have a higher resolution version of the booklet which we can email to you on request.  Please contact kay.mccluskey@scotborders.gov.uk).

The writers who have provided information for this resource have kindly shared their experiences to save you time.  This is a very dynamic area however, so do keep us posted with any recommendations of news from your self-publishing ventures by e-mailing Kay.McCluskey@scotborders.gov.uk.

If you are an illustrator based in the Scottish Borders and would like to be included in any future version of this publication, please e-mail Kay.Mccluskey@scotborders.gov.uk.